Online Colleges Help Deaf Students Succeed

If you are hard of hearing, you may assume that you will have to go to a deaf college to get your degree. While there are a lot of traditional universities that provide deaf-friendly facilities, most hard-of-hearing students go to deaf colleges to pursue their post-secondary education. However, the internet has opened a world of new opportunities for these students by allowing them to attend standard college courses just like everyone else. Going to college has never been easier. Here is a look at just some of the many advantages online schooling provides for deaf students.

Written Materials

In a traditional college setting, classwork may be a derivative of lectures that the professor provides on a subject. While there are still lectures in online courses through videos, they typically rely on PowerPoint presentations and text from the book to illustrate a point. This gives deaf students a better chance to understand materials because they can read about information, rather than having to follow the sign language of their interpreters 24/7.

Written Communication

With an online degree program, you can ask all of your questions through emails and instant messages. This gives you a chance to write out everything you want to say, rather than having to pass the information through an interpreter. You can read over the information to see how it sounds, and then you can edit it to get your point across in full. You will receive answers back through written communication, which should be easy for you to understand. This will ultimately help you succeed.

More Accurate Information

If you have to rely on an interpreter for all of your information, you may miss out on an important point that he or she missed in the process of interpreting for you. He or she may also misspell a technical word for you, which may make you understand work incorrectly. By having all of the class work written out for you on the web, you won’t have to worry about getting a bad grade because of someone else’s misinterpretations.

Wider Degree Selection

You should have a wider range of degrees to choose from online than you would in a deaf college, so this opportunity could ultimately lead you to a career you are actually happy to be a part of. You won’t have to settle for whatever happens to be available when you enroll. You can setup a degree program that fully satisfies your goals in life. You can also customize your schedule to fit your needs, so you could potentially hold down a job and work on a degree at the same time. This is a winning solution all the way around.


Online degree programs cost a lot less money than traditional degree problems, so you should have more money left over for medical expenses or general living costs you may encounter throughout the year. There are tons of scholarships for deaf students out there, and most of them will recognize online colleges as legitimate universities. Thus you should have no trouble getting money to pay for your online schooling if you look around long enough.


The internet levels the playing field between deaf students and traditional college students. If you are hard of hearing, you may find the web to be your educational sanctuary. There are tons of schools and degree programs to choose from online, so you just have to look around to see what you like. Whether you want to be an astronaut, a zoologist, or anything in between, you will eventually find a degree program for you on the web.

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